History of Aurora Motors and Our Mission Statement

Aurora Motors was established in the 1980's with the focus of manufacturing high quality products at competitive levels. Since Aurora's inception, we began to manufacture various rotating apparatus equipment basically suited for the Eastern Markets and eventually expanded internationally. In the mid 1980's we began to export products overseas to the Middle East and Africa. A few years later Aurora was established in the North American continent for the US market. In order to meet the North American needs Aurora's effort was solely dedicated to product improvement and innovation. Aurora was the first to bring Chinese product recognition to all major American motor manufacturers. Since then the constant efforts of founder Dr. Young, his engineering group, sales and marketing groups have constantly improved their products to become the world leaders in motor innovation and technology. With our own manufacturing plants, join ventures with other plants, and strategic alliances one namely being Shanghai Electric ensures premium products along with mass production capabilities. 

Our Philosophy

From the beginning we set about establishing a foundation as a quality motors manufacturer, initiating immediate growth with a view to solidifying Aurora Motors as a market leader.

With a broad range of products and the need to grow and attract new distribution channels it is paramount that Aurora Motors epitomizes the essence of good old fashioned customer service. We are dedicated in promoting the need to listen and consider all input from customers, while maintaining a flexible approach to ensure client project needs are accommodated.

Our commitment to quality and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing has been essential in securing new distribution as well as retaining our existing customer base. Our product and service quality is unquestioned, as well as our ability to consult with our customers, define their requirements and provide them with the product that best meets their needs.